4 tier Feather Cake Workshop.

4 tier Feather Cake Workshop.

Friday, June 4, 2010


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What do you need to know? To the right are all the class photos for the classes listed.

Beginners classes are suitable for students who have never tried cake decorating before or may have started but need a little guidance. Is that you?  if so I suggest you start with the beginninners classes .
You will be introduced to sugar paste, ganache , tools and various techniques to ensure your cake decorating skills start  to develop. The baking cupcake class is the easiest class to begin with due to the small size of the decorating.If you need to improve your baking skills I recommend the Beginners 12 Chocolate mud cake demonstration, we will troubleshoot and discuss the importance of each stages in the making of the cake.
My aim to have every student leave with a sense of achievement. You only need to see the students pictures to see their looks of achivement in their smiles!

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced learner I have lots of classes to suit you.

My classes are small and intimate with no large groups where you are trying to get the teachers attention.

What do I suggest for beginners? I have listed the classes below starting with the easiest and then progressing to the more advanced for beginners.

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Intermediate classes are only suitable for students that have allready learnt the basics of ganaching and covering with sugar paste and now want to learn the next stage of design and decorating.You will need to attend either Beginners 2 or 3 first and then Beginners 5 ,6 or 7 class in order to attend any of the the intermediate classes.The designs are harder to create and you will need previous cake decorating skills achieved through previous classes and of course practice. The classes usually have a lot more to do and require practised skills, than say in a one day class suitable for a beginners.What do I suggest for intermediate students?

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What do I suggest for  advanced students ?

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